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Take control of your health and wellbeing

How our health tests work

Take a health test

Take a health test

Pick a health test from our wide range of home test kits, to diagnose your health-related issues.

Buy a health test
Get your results

Get your results

Our doctors can review and interpret your results easily so you can understand your diagnosis.

See your results
Manage your health

Manage your health

Once you have your results you can take them to your GP or speak to one of our health coaches.

About Our Labs

We use state-of-the-art, CareQuality Commission and CPA accredited labs to conduct our sample analysis.

It's All About You

It's All About You was founded by Bunmi Scott to empower you to take control of your health.

We sell a wide range of health tests, food boxes, and vitamin and mineral packs so you have the freedom to find out what your body really needs and improve your well-being.

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It's All About You Aftercare

Comprehensive Aftercare

Once you’ve had your results, we know the importance of ensuring you get the support that you need.

That’s why our specialist team are on hand when you need them. Our dedicated support staff team of nutritionists and health professionals are available via online chat, phone or email.

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What people say

I cannot recommend Bunmi and Foods You Can enough, completely changed my life. After struggling on a lot of medication with an unnamed autoimmune disease I decided to get intolerance testing and was recommended Foods you can. I expected the testing to help me eliminate trigger foods but what I did not expect was just how much of a difference it would make. So much more then a test I had guidance, support and advice which continued long after my appointments. After 4 years I finally have control over my body and it is all thanks to Bunmi.
— Katie

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