Silent Disabilities and Wellness

People look at me and see a normal happy go lucky person. I’m a 100% happy go lucky 30 something person except for one thing. I have a disability. A disability that affects me in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it’s as physically blatant as it comes (loss of eyesight and my mobility can be affected), most of the time it’s as silent disabilities as it comes (mostly severe neuropathic pain).
For me it’s something that I manage day in and day out. I rarely let it get to me, with two young kids there can be nothing more difficult. Particularly having to act normal, to grit my teeth when I’m struggling, feeling tired, fatigued and in pain.
It can be a struggle but one that I’m determined to fight daily. I’ve never been one for giving in. Even at my weakest points I’ve always told myself to only allow 24 hours max of feeling sorry for myself. The rest of the time I focus on feeling better, getting better and becoming as strong  as I can be.
In the past my (I don’t like calling it mine, however embracing and accepting it is part of my life’s journey.)
autoimmune has had me in situations that have seen me extremely challenged. However I’ve never given up. This dis-ease in my body is part of the reason that I actively promote wellbeing and taking control of our health. I just believe that if we know where we are, we know where we’re going and from there we can work towards the best potential outcome for ourselves.
Health testing for me is a great way for me to track and monitor some of the day to day health and wellness items in between doctors and neurologist appointments.
I can’t manage everything away from my doctors but simple things like tracking my overall vitamin and mineral levels including my B12 levels (crucial as this can affect my nerve pains), food intolerance for gut health, cortisol levels (stress related) and much more.
These are just some of the things I regularly track.
It just works for me. It allows me to tweak my wellness and lifestyle to an extent. I just like to know that I’m doing what I can. What’s important to manage and track is different for all of us. For some it’s monitoring thyroid levels, for others it’s tracking diabetes, hormones or even overall gut health.
The fact is that we are all so different and that’s the beauty of it. That’s the beauty of at home sample to lab health tests. They’re convenient for working mums like me and daddy’s alike.
It’s just plain easy. I offer a range of everyday health and wellness health tests on my site (see link in bio).
For me it’s all about wellness and living the best day to day life I possibly can. I hope that the same can and will be for you too.