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Vegan Aubergine and Tomato Bake

Vegan aubergine and tomato bake is a dish I've been making for years. It was one of the dishes I craved when I was pregnant with Kobe and I've loved it ever since.  It's also the yummy kind of dish that you can have as it is, or that you can add extra bits like chickpeas, cheese and much more to.  I like it very simple and love to mix it with quinoa to balance it. 

As well as the food ingredients, you'll also need a ceramic oven dish and frying pan to make this.


  • x2 Large aubergines or egg plant.
  • Fresh chopped plum tomatoes or 1 400g tin of tomato.
  • Mixed herbs.
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil (Oil sprays are also fine.)
  • Salt, pepper and or chilli flakes (as required)


  • Rinse and slice the aubergines into thin slices about 0.5cm tin.
  • Using a frying pan, lightly fry the aubergines up on both sides until they soften up. I like to use an oil spray that I refill. Coconut oil is also fine to use.
  • Lay out the fried aubergine into your ceramic oven dish. 
  • Pour on the chopped tomatoes making sure that all of the aubergines are covered up. 
  • Add a sprinkle of mixed herbs. 

To Bake and Eat

  • Bake in the oven for around 25 mins. 
  • I love to have it with quinoa and seasoned with some Himalayan salt and chilli flakes. 


aubergine and tomato