Bread and Roll Flour White Mix Just Add Water 3.5kg

White bread and roll mix. Simple to make, just add water.  Make lovely loaves of bread and or bread rolls. Fast and easy to make.

Bread and Roll Flour White Mix Just Add Water 3.5kg

Bread mix how to make

Place required amount of mix (see table below) in a mixing bowl. Add suggested amount of water and mix using a dough hook for 3 minutes on speed 1. Switch to speed 2 and mix for a further 6 minutes, or until the dough is smooth. Divide the dough into the required size (2oz for rolls, 1lb for loaves recommended) and mould. If the dough is too sticky to handle, a little flour may be added. Leave to rest for about 5 minutes covered with polythene or a damp cloth. Remould into the required shape and place in greased tray or in a loaf tin. Glaze the top with egg or milk. Cover the tray with polythene or a damp cloth, trying to not touch the surface of the dough. Place the tray in a warm place (or in a prover) for at least 30 minutes or until dough has doubled in size.


Wheat Flour (WHEAT Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin and Thiamin), Dried Yeast, Vegetable Oils (Palm, Rapeseed), Dextrose, Salt, Gram Flour, Flour Improver (Ascorbic Acid), Whey Solids ( MILK), Whole EGG Powder.