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Eucalyptus Steam Cube

Eucalyptus Steam Cube by Pure + Native.The cleansing vapors of eucalyptus are well known for deep support of respiratory health. We combine it with concentrated cooling peppermint for an awakening and refreshing shower.

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Eucalyptus Steam Cube

Single (in paper box) is one steam, good for one shower or two facial steams. Single steams are wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap to keep scent in.

How to use in the shower

Place a single cube in the shower corner (where it won't get washed away). As the cube gets wet, it starts to dissolve and releases potent essential oils into the hot shower steam.

Use as a facial steam (for very strong effect)

Place part of a cube into a bowl of warm water, place a towel over your head like a tent, close your eyes and breathe in the vapors.

Made with

A blend of natural clays, salts and essential oils.

Single cube | paper box and biodegradable shrink wrap packaging | pure essential oils

For shower only, do not use in the bath