Flynn the Flatbed Truck Wooden Toy

A unique flatbed truck, hand-crafted from a variety of wood including lime tree, oak, beech, hornbeam and walnut wood. Children will have fun playing with this hand-operated, durable wooden flatbed truck with rolling wheels. It's a favourite classic vehicle that's sure to inspire lots of pretend play.

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Flynn the Flatbed Truck Wooden Toy

This wooden flatbed truck is an excellent toy.  Carefully handcrafted by a specialist toy maker from solid wood. All our children's wooden toys are handmade classic designs, durable and made to last forever.
To add more fun to children’s play this handcrafted wooden truck comes with 3 blocks of wood and a movable tailgate and wheels, which are great for encouraging children to really interact and think while playing.
No nails or screws are used, only glue and dowelling. The wood of the flatbed truck and the blocks are perfectly polished natural untreated wood, non painted and unvarnished.  This will be a perfect addition to any child’s car collection.

  • Comes with 3 block pieces.
  • Recommended for age 3+.

Cleaning Instructions:

Dust with a soft art brush; remove other dirt with a lightly damp, soft cloth.


Lime tree, oak, beech, hornbeam and walnut wood