Eco-Friendly Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets Mint Flavour with Fluoride x125

The denttabs toothpaste tablets gently polish the teeth, protect against plaque and prevents discolouration of the teeth.   

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Eco-Friendly Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets Mint Flavour with Fluoride x125

The innovative DENTTABS provide an effective alternative to conventional toothpaste for naturally beautiful, smoother and cleaner teeth. Thanks to their high content of cellulose, teeth are gently polished, counteracting the formation of plaque, stains and bacteria. The fluoride contained in the formulation is more effective than conventional toothpaste. The use of DENTTABS requires the use of a soft toothbrush - hard scrubbing is a thing of the past.

Application: Chew on a tablet until a paste is formed. Wet the toothbrush bristles and clean the teeth for 3 minutes. Rinse thereafter.

DENTTABS are free from:

  • preservatives
  • germ-inhibiting substances
  • binding substances
  • aluminium
  • nanoparticles
  • packaging made from cornstarch
  • gluten

Denttabs are eco-friendly and vegan.


More about Denttabs

Microcrystalline Cellulose is the polishing agent that is responsible for the wonderfully smooth feeling due to which nothing can attach to the surface. No plaque – no tooth decay.

Sodium Bicarbonate is, combined with the citric acid, responsible for the correct pH-Level Citric Acid see above & increases the flow of saliva through which the remineralisation works so much better.

Silica helps the cleaning/polishing and stabilize the tablet. Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate is our Tensid (Soap). Ist duty is to tie the protein to the water so it will be flushed out when rinsing.  Although the name appears the word ‚Glutamate‘ it has nothing to do with what we hear about flavor-enhancer or anything alike! 

DENTTABS are free from glutamate and gluten. Magnesium Stearate is a plant based helper we need during pressing of the tablets. 

Natural (Mint-) Aroma together with Stevia and Menthol is responsible for fresh and cool breath. Menthol see above. Stevia (Stevioside) see above. Xanthan-Gum makes

DENTTABS so smooth and creamy. Sodium Fluoride - 'naturally' only valid for DENTTABS containing Fluoride! – supports the remineralisation of your enamel. Especially sensitive teethnecks may be repaired‘ within only days. Eugenol is a natural part of the mintaroma. DENTTABS are free from preserving agents, germicides, binding agents, aluminium, plastics.


Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silica, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Aroma, Menthol, Xanthan-Gum, Stevioside, Citric Acid, (Sodium Fluoride), Eugenol

*Please note that the toothpaste tablets come in a plain white bio-degradable packet at this time..