Relaxing Lavender Soap Bar 100g

A stunning and relaxing lavender soap bar with essential oil sleepy properties.

Relaxing Lavender Soap Bar 100g

Our lavender soap bars are hand-crafted, vegan and not tested on animals.  Made from the highest quality natural ingredients using the melt and pour method. 


AquaGlycerinSorbitolSodium StearateSodium LauratePropylene GlycolSodium Laureth SulfateSodium Lauryl SulfateSodium ChlorideStearic AcidLauric AcidPentasodium PentetateTetrasodium EtidronateLavandula Angustifolia OilLavendin sp FlowersLinaloolGeraniolLimoneneCl 18050Cl 42090