SELFCheck Menopause Test

This test detects the levels of Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH) in your body. FSH causes your ovaries to produce oestrogen, and when your slow down the production of oestrogen, the levels of FSH are increased.

Results expected within: 10 Minutes

SELFCheck Menopause Test


• Provides a reliable estimate
• Contains all you need to complete 2 tests in successive weeks to confirm a positive result.
• A visible result within 10 minutes
• Easy to follow instructions included
• A simple strip test

What are the benefits of using the SELFCheck Menopause Test?

• The average age a women reaches menopause is the age of 50. However, variations can occur and women can reach menopause as early as 39, or as late as aged 69 years.
• Reliable test - identifies whether you have or haven't gone through the menopause.

How do I know if I can use this test?

Women who think they may have reached the stage of menopause, or post menopause.

Symptoms of the menopause can include:

• Vaginal itching and dryness
• Low libido
• Painful joints
• Insomnia
• Heart problems
• Depression
• Hot flushes
• Sweating
• Dry eyes
• Slow digestion

How to use?

1: The test requires a fresh urine sample.
2: Visual results will be available within 10 minutes.
3: For best results, the test should be carried out first thing in the morning.

How to read your results

If 2 purple lines appear and either the bottom line is substantially darker than the top line or both lines are the same shade then your result is positive!

• Repeat the test exactly a week later and if you have the same result as the previous week you have reached post menopause

If 2 purple lines appear and the bottom line is substantially lighter than the top line or you only have 1 line appear then your result is negative!

• You do not need to repeat the test as you have not reached post-menopause.

If no purple lines appear the test is invalid and you should refer to the instructions for details.

What are the next steps I should take if my results are positive?

Speak to your doctor who will be able to confirm which stage of menopause you are at. The doctor will also be able to advise you on how best to manage the symptoms.

Pack Contains: Contained in each pack are 2 test strips in sealed foil packs, and the instructions for use.

If you are concerned about the symptoms you are experiencing, we recommend that you seek medical advice from your GP

How to use this test kit



Once you've got your kit, make sure to read all of the enclosed instructions - they'll make sure you easily and safely get the best sample possible.



Take your sample using the collection pots provided in the comfort of your own home.



Put your sample in the prepaid envelope provided and pop it in the post. No you can sit back and relax - we'll let you know when your results are ready.

What's in this test kit?

Prepaid return envelope
Urine collection instructions
Urine sample collection pots
  • Prepaid return envelope

  • Urine collection instructions

  • Urine sample collection pots