SELFCheck Multi Drug Health Test

A simple and reliable home test kit for the detection of six commonly abused drugs in a urine sample. Contains one single use test giving a separate result for each of the six drugs.

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SELFCheck Multi Drug Health Test

The SELFCheck Multi Drug Test kit provides rapid information regarding the possible use of commonly abused drugs within 5 minutes. It is a single step urine test to detect cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, methamphetamine (including ecstasy), opiates (including heroin) and benzodiazepines. Full, easy to follow instructions are provided and a separate result is given for each of the 6 drugs.


A simple and fast way to reliably detect drugs of abuse in a urine sample in the privacy of your own home.

Warnings or Restrictions

Keep out of reach of children.

Product Specification

Sealed foil pouch with test panel of 6 drugs and instructions for use.

Size (1) Unit (EA)

Product code: 782430


Instruction leaflet and carton are recyclable, other components should be discarded with general household waste.

Product Uses

The SELFCheck Multi Drug Test is performed by immersing the end of the test device into a urine sample and provides a simple visual result as to whether one or more of the 6 drugs has been detected. The test takes 5 minutes and is completed at home. It is advised that should you have any concerns or questions about your test result that you consult your Doctor.

Tips & Advice

The SELFCheck Multi Drug Test is for use on a urine sample to detect the presence of six commonly abused drugs. Speak to a healthcare professional for further help and advice.