Swim Count Male Fertility Home Sperm Test

The SwimCount Sperm Quality Test is a self test kit to help with the diagnosis of male infertility due to poor sperm quality. SwimCount can be used at home giving a result in 30 minutes.

Results expected within: 30 minutes

Swim Count Male Fertility Home Sperm Test

To use the test, a sperm sample is applied to the test device. After 30 minutes the result is visible and will indicate the level of progressive motile sperm cells in the semen sample. The instructions provide step-by-step directions on how to perform the procedure and how to read and interpret your test result.

1 single use disposable test per pack.

SwimCount is a pre-screening test for sperm quality, a first step for couples worrying about their fertility status. SwimCount provides the necessary information about sperm quality the couple needs ie. the number of progressive motile sperm cells in the semen sample.

Fertility is directly related to age, especially for women. The longer the couple waits, the more difficult it will be to become pregnant. Therefore, the sooner the couple recognises that there is a fertility problem, the more efficient a potential fertility treatment will be. The time, stress and costs will be reduced for the couple.
The number of couples seeking fertility treatment will increase concurrently with the number of men taking a SwimCount test. Because a potential male fertility problem will be disclosed much earlier, fertility clinics will be in a position to treat more patients.

A multi-center clinical trial conducted by Fertility Clinic Ciconia, the Nordic Cryobank/ European Sperm Bank in Denmark and the Fertility Clinic IVI Valencia in Spain compared the SwimCount test result with standard semen analysis using the WHO criteria (5th edition, 2010) on a total of 253 semen samples from men seeking fertility treatment or semen donors.

The accuracy between the SwimCount test and standard semen analysis was 95% (P<0.0001).

The SwimCount Technology
The technology behind the SwimCount is based on the same principle as the swim-up technology which has been used for many years in Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) to harvest the best sperm cells for intra uterine insemination (IUI).

  1. After liquefaction of the semen sample (30 minutes), 0.5mL of the sample is added to a well on the SwimCount test device
  2. By pushing the slider forward, the SwimCount device is activated and only the progressive motile sperm cells swim up into the progressive motile sperm cell chamber
  3. After 30 minutes and pulling the slider back, the progressive motile sperm cells will have been stained blue and drawn into the result window on the device. The darker the colour, the more progressive motile sperm cells are present in the semen sample

What will this test kit find out?

We can test for a range of different allergies and health markers, using one of our home-testing kits. In this kit, you'll be able to test:

Sperm count

To count sperm quality.

  • Sperm count

How to use this test kit

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