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Dust Mite Allergy Test

Dust mite allergy test for D pteronyssinus, D farinae.  This is a home to lab test. Get results in 3 working days.

Results expected within: 5 working days

Dust Mite Allergy Test

Dust mites are tiny, spider-like animals, invisible to the naked eye. They thrive in warm, humid conditions, and the average home provides a number of favourable locations for them. During autumn and winter, with central heating and reduced ventilation, the mite population reaches a peak.

Dust mites are a major cause of allergy.


Symptoms of Dust Mite Allergy

  • Rhinitis (sneezing, runny or blocked nose)
  • Asthma (coughing, wheezing and occasionally acute breathing difficulty) 
  • Eczema due to direct skin contact with mite allergens.

Millions of dust mites can live in mattresses and bedding.  Their main source of food is human skin scales. As a result, sufferers' symptoms are often worse at night due to the high concentrations of allergens in the bed.  Dust mites are also found in carpets, upholstered furniture, headboards, curtains and cuddly toys.

How to reduce dust mites in the home

  • Most mites are to be found in the bed therefore using special dust-proof encasings for the mattresses, duvets and pillows is essential.
  • Carpets should be replaced with wood, laminate or vinyl flooring, and curtains should be replaced with blinds.
  • Leather upholstery is preferable to fabric on furniture such as sofas and dining items.
  • Bedroom items such as duvet covers and pillow cases should be washed regularly.
  • Clothes and soft toys should always be stored in cupboards.
  • Ideally when dusting, a damp duster should be used.
  • Carpets and upholstered furniture should be cleaned frequently, using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter.  These are easily purchasable.
  • In general, airing out rooms by regularly opening windows and keeping humidity low will create an 'antimite' home environment. 

What will this test kit find out?

We can test for a range of different allergies and health markers, using one of our home-testing kits. In this kit, you'll be able to test:

IgE (Immunoglobulin E)

Associated mainly with allergic reactions. It is found in the lungs, skin, and mucous membranes.

How to use this test kit



Once you've got your kit, make sure to read all of the enclosed instructions - they'll make sure you easily and safely get the best sample possible.



Time to take your sample. All of our health tests come with the exact tools you need to take a sample in the comfort of your own home.



Put your sample in the prepaid envelope provided and pop it in the post. Now you can sit back and relax - we'll let you know when your results are ready.

Using our blood sample kit

What's in this test kit?

Sterile swabs
Safety lancets
Prepaid return envelope
Blood collection instructions
Blood collection bottle
  • Sterile swabs

  • Safety lancets

  • Plasters

  • Prepaid return envelope

  • Blood collection instructions

  • Blood collection bottle