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Silicone Cupcake Reusable Cases x12

Reusable cupcake and muffin cases perfect for baking your favourite cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffins. 

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Silicone Cupcake Reusable Cases x12

Cupcake cases made from reusable silicone. Use these cases again and again. Perfect for baking sweet and savory muffins and fairy cakes too.

What you get

  • Set of 12 food-grade silicone muffin cups in a graphite colour.

Why they're great

  • A perfect addition to any lunchbox

  • Simple for lunch prep
  • Bake, freeze, take


  • 8 cm x 3.5 cm


How to Use and Care Instructions

  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe
  • Heat resistant - 50C to 250C
  • BPA-free, non toxic
  • Made of sand-derived silicone (no plastic)