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Miniml White Vinegar Unscented per 100ml REFILL

White vinegar has many uses, including, being used as a rinse aid, to clean glass, brighten small appliances, clean your kitchen, keep laundry soft and freshen up after pets etc.

Miniml White Vinegar Unscented per 100ml REFILL

Please note this is for the REFILL ONLY and can only be purchased to refill an official Miniml PET or glass bottle. You must purchase your refill product before sending your bottle back to us at It’s All About You.

White vinegar for cleaning 

    • Uses include rinse aid, glass cleaner, limescale remover, multi-surface cleaner, laundry softener, stain remover and pet odour remover.
    • 5% Acetic Acid
    • Made from naturally derived, sustainable ingredients.
    • Vegan, Cruelty and Palm Oil Free.
    • No sulphates, phosphates, parabens, chlorine bleaches or petrochemicals. 
    • Safe for septic tanks and cess pits.
    • No residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your surfaces. 
    • Made in Yorkshire, UK.

    How to use

    Spray directly onto the surface and wipe clean.

    This product is not edible vinegar + do not use on stone, marble or granite surfaces.



    Bring your bottle into our refill shop to fill up or send us your bottle for us to refill and we will send it back to you once refilled.



    Aqua**, 5% Acetic Acid**Denotes plant or mineral origin. **Water from The Yorkshire Moors. For a detailed what's what, go to our ingredients page.